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We have solutions designed to improve your profitability !


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 PLM Fluid 234h    LuxLabeL 234h    LoadStream 234h    Easyshop 234h  
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With our systems :

invest to earn more ...

The industrial applications that we submit to you are developed in cooperation with users.

Clever, visual and easy to use, they provide the winner solutions in each scope of application.

They anable you to :

   optimize ;

   reduce the costs ;

   increase your performances ;

   facilitate your reactivity, ...


And we provide you a full service from the analysis of your need to the support of users.


Our solutions apply to :

  • packing, palettising, and packaging, truck, container or wagon loading ;
  • cases, boxes, cardboard partitions and pallet design ;
  • size optimization, cost reduction ;
  • dynamic management of warehouses, realization of inventories ;
  • production management, job planning ;
  • multi-references loading in supply kit boxes, picking pallets, or delivery trucks ;
  • global collaborative traceability inside your company and with your partners ;
  • collaborative planning management, and associated facilities ;
  • points of sale management ;
  •  ....



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