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Packaging is a decisive factor of success.

To obtain the winner solutions in your context, you have a range of unequalled applications :

o       Packsoft :  optimizes packaging, palletization and truck loading ;


o       Packsoft  M :  is Packsoft's multi-sites version ; 



 o       PackTiv’ : manages the collaboration of the various Departments of your Company from your packaging design to their distribution ;


PackTiv 1 

o       Paletsoft : optimizes palletization ;


o       FreePal : Paletsoft free initial version ;



... with a module complementary to each of them :

o       Packdoc : personalization of the page layouts of your packaging datasheets ;



... with a module for your partners :

o       Packview : viewer of the solutions produced by FreePal, Paletsoft or Packsoft ;


... and the initial software of the whole range :


o       Pilotpal : driver modue for case pakers and palletizing robots ;


Choose the system which is appropiate to you ...