Symplified multi-references loading plans








Need :

You have a list of parcels to load on pallets and to dispatch by truck or container.

To save the labour, it is practical to take out from the stock mono-reference pallets or layers of pallets from the stock.

So, you wish to privilege obtaining homogeneous pallets and pallets made up of a variety of homogeneous layers superposed.



The objective is :

1.      to load all the items ;

2.      to privilege mono-reference loadings ;

3.      to obtain by a single calculation the loading plans of each pallet and truck or container ;



Methode :

a.      your data can be listed in an MS Excel file, TriLoad will import them ;

b.      or, TriLoad gets the data to treat from your ERP or WMS thanks query ;

c.       in both cases you apply your own loading rules, singling out mono-reference loadings.


Result :

Type of that presented hereafter (with various possible adjustments of the load pattern,…) :






Pallet or truck loading data sheets : (paper / pdf)