With Packsoft it's easy & efficient !

… you want toget the palletizing plan of an item ?


Packsoft generates your palletization plan in 3 clicks :


 clic on the icon


  Select the item of your choice from the list :



 click on the OK button.




 Immediately, Packsoft displays the palletizing plan :



















If you wish, you can set your plan differently.

Here, the crossing of layers, the placement of inserts, labels, etc :


Stack multiple pallets ; add dividers, angles, hoops, pallet tag, cap, etc.


At any time, you consult the beautiful packaging form :


You print it on a paper (A), or edit it in PDF format (C), depending on the layout model of your choice ('Browse' B ).



 And you keep the ability to modify your plan according to very varied ways, including the arrangement of items on the layer :



We provide you with a series of layout templates that you can customize according to your wishes (with Packdoc)





So you get the most efficient result in the simplest way possible !


It is via such an intuitive interface, that Packsoft presents you the setting adapted to each of your questions.

You get the best optimization in a few clicks.


However, this simplicity of use still puts at your disposal 73 ways of optimization !


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