ASA Conception is one of the partners of Terciel for the setting up of palletizing workshops, or encasing, by robot according to the plans designed with Packsoft.

So, it is easy to put into production the winning packaging solutions that Packsoft provides you !

Do not hesitate to consult their website and contact them.



The first installation made with Pilotpal is presented by the 3 photos below. 

It is a gantry robot that is driven by Pilotpal :

·         with two locations ;

·         with its package positioners ;

·         its pallet support stores ;

·         and its output conveyor


Pilotpal 1a

Pilotpal 2a

Pilotpal 3a 












Here, two automatons complement each other to translate the Pilotpal instructions into a wide variety of palletizing plans that can be modified at will ...