Dynamic channels management & Global Traceability :


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Trace'R is a user frendly system that anables you track your products that move from suppliers to your distinct plants, partners and customers.


It contains the WMS needed tools to perform receiving, storing, preparing orders, shipping or cross docking operations ...


Trace'R works on any computer, tablet PC and smartphone.

Trace'R manages barcode and RFID readers. Remote partners interact via it's web portal.


Each request for supplies, each shipping, receiving, storing, sending back operation immediately generates an advice to the relevant partners.


Trace'R applies the pertinent rules :

  •  logics for the movement of products ;
  •  controls (qualitative, quantitative).


Trace'R minimizes keyboarding, pools and share data, traces, gives specific information to each one, anticipates, advises...


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Trace'R :

1. increases your responsiveness and the fluidity of your circuits ;

2. save costs through more efficient exchanges :

         * requirements calculation ;

                           * automatic alerts, ... ;

3. timestamps any data, and deliver management dashboards and KPIs.