With Packview your partners can review the results of your Packsoft studies : 


Packview is a valuable tool for your partners inside or outside the company. Packview (= Viewer) allows :

·  to consult in detail (2 & 3 dimensions views at various levels of packaging, caracteristics, performance, ...) any study carried out with Freepal, Paletsoft  or Packsoft ;

·     and to edit (on paper, or in pdf format) the packaging data sheets (according to your layout models).

Packview strictly respects the information contained in your studies. It does not modify the files it opens in read-only mode.


Vos  Your network-based partners will be able to review any research done with Packsoft with the assurance of having the most relevant review. Indeed, each file consulted is logically in its latest version (while a pdf sheet received the day before may possibly be outdated). 

A file that is no longer in force will no longer be present (you will have removed it while you cannot repatriate the pdf sheets already sent).

Your more remote partners, equipped with
Packview, can receive your studies in *.pck files (Freepal, Paletsoft, Packsoft) attached to your emails. These pck files weigh from 3 ko to 50 ko and give a richer consultation than the pdf sheet: detailed visualization of each level of packaging (in 3D, 2D top & profiles).

Packview  allows to print packaging sheets according to the custom layout templates you submit to your partners.

It is therefore a very advantageous communication tool !