Optimizing pallettization with PaletSoft


1* Finding the best palletization for your items :

Paletsoft's graphic interface is an intuitive one : you easily design your own palletization plan with just a couple of clicks.

You also can get a  'batch' treatment of an Excel list of data that gives you a large series of plans.

Paletsoft optimizes palletization for a variety of products formats :


2 * Customize finely your plans :

Paletsoft proposes a wide variety of arrangements on the pallet :

Manualy, or thanks to various tools, you can modify any plan.

For a given item, you can load a distinct plan for each layer on your pallet.

You manage the way you cross the layers, the labels, corner protectors, intercalary sheets positions, ... the weights, contained numbers, cost price, ...

The screen views can be exported.

You also, easily consult or export towards the palletizing robot the coordinates of all the elements to load on the pallet.



3 * Communicate palletization glamorous datasheets :

View your datasheet with the click of your mouse :                                                                                      

 … you can output it in pdf file, or printed on paper, according to your selected model.

It gives you enormous freedom for setting up layouts (data, diagrams, pictures, automatic texts or comments, language, imperial/metric units, ...).


It can be converted to different file formats (jpg, png, tiff, txt, ...).


4 * Effectively collaborate and communicate :

a.      possible covering of the product faces with your selected pictures ;

b.      insertion of photographs in the datasheet ;

c.       networking around the common database ;

d.      job management an status management from the revision history ;

e.      possible interfacing with an ERP, with your palletizing robots or else ;

f.        free viewer, Packview, for your partners.



Easily get the palletizing winning solutions with Paletsoft...